The Lord is blessing and the church is growing. This is to be “expected”, but the truth is, if this church plant was not a part of God’s plan it would fall apart.

I am grateful to our Savior for the many men and women rescued through grace and spared the agony of eternity separated from God. This too, is to be “expected” but if it were not for God’s plan we would ALL remain apart.

I am overjoyed to have a loving wife and amazing children whom the Lord has conferred under my spiritual leadership. Again, this is to be expected, but God is who sustains us, otherwise we’d be hopeless, divided and apart.

I am thankful for the many aspects of life our Lord personally administrates, gives grace for strength and guidance to walk us through our insecurities. All this can sometimes be taken for granted. Let not us just assume, but acknowledge God’s hand, mercy and certainly express our gratitude.

Lord, I am thankful.


Grandpa John Albert Hatcher


I have taken many pictures with Grandpa and I’m glad to have this one taken in March 30, 2012. He is unquestionably a true man of God with a humble spirit. I am thankful for the heritage. 

Flood UpRising

Manaus is on the verge of its worst flooding in recorded history. Our city is 4 inches shy of the highest level the Amazon River has ever reached. We still have 2 months of river uprising. Many of the downtown Manaus streets are under water. As a result, we have more mosquitoes flying into our home & rats coming up the sewer pipeline. There are also incidents of snakes and other pests invading houses due to rising waters.

Flood waters in downtown Manaus.